Since 1959, Sharp has been harnessing the power of the sun to improve the quality of life. Today, we are the world's #1 manufacturer of solar cells. In fact, Sharp's high quality, Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems are used for everything from satellites to lighthouses, industrial applications to residential use.

Sharp's solar energy systems take advantage of the natural, inexhaustible resource of sunlight to generate electricity. No environmentally harmful compounds, no fossil fuel pollution, no global warming. Just clean, safe, reliable solar energy for living.

Sharp ND-205U1, 205 Watt Solar Panel

SHARP NT-175U1, 175 Watt Solar Panel

SHARP NE-165U1, 165 Watt Solar Panel

Sharp ND-167U1, 167 Watt Solar Panel

SHARP ND-L3EJE, 123 Watt Solar Panel

Sharp NE-80EJE, Sharp 80 Watt Solar Panel

Sharp ND-070ELU, 70 Watt Solar Panel Left Triangle

Sharp ND-070ERU, 70 Watt Solar Panel Right Triangle

Sharp ND-N0ECU, 140 Watt Solar Panel

SHARP NT-185U1, 185 Watt Solar Panel