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When your photovoltaic system demands a utility-grade module that will deliver 300 watts of power or more, specify the UL-listed ASE-300-DGF. Designed to meet the rigorous standards of the electric utility industry and the U.S. military where long life, reliable performance and system compatibility are critical, the ASE-300-DG has unrivaled advantages.The ASE-300-DGF offers versatility and unprecedented ease of installation for systems above 2kW. Made of 216 crystalline silicon cells, each cell measuring 100mm by 100mm, the ASE-300-DGF utilizes our advanced proprietary encapsulant (not EVA) to seal the module. Tempered glass on back and front produces a module that is virtually impervious to tear, penetration, and moisture.

Greatest Power of Any Model -- Fewest mounting fasteners and external electrical connections per watt of array.
High Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells -- High power per unit area in a long life, stable crystalline solar cell.
High Module Voltage -- Allows integrators to "fine tune" the system by providing just the right number of modules to meet the specified power. Perfect for grid-connected and high voltage battery systems.
Advanced Encapsulant -- Developed by ASE Americas, this encapsulation system has been shown to outperform traditional EVA.
Double Glass Construction -- As a perfect moisture barrier, the glass-on-glass construction provides the longest possible module life.
Internal Bypass Diode Protection -- Bypass diode protection every 18 cells in series.
Quick, Polarized Connectors -- Array module-to-module wiring is a snap (literally!).
Two Conductor Harness -- No traditional return wire is needed from the end of a row back to the source combiner.
Power Testing at the Connector -- Wire loss within the module-to-module wiring is already accounted for at the factory module tester.
UL 1703 Listing -- A world recognized authority on electrical safety. Makes approval a breeze.
Class A Fire Rating -- Permits module mounting on any roof without compromising the roof's fire rating.

ASE-300-DGF Module Advantage
The design of the ASE-300-DGF was driven by both installers and end-users. They wanted:
Robust modules to endure the harshest environments.
Predictable performance.
Certification by recognized U.S. and world standards organizations.
Fast, easy installation.
High voltage per module.
Increased reliability.
An encapsulation system to overcome the decline in module performance associated with degradation of traditional EVA encapsulant.
Durable construction to protect the module from tear, penetration, fire, electrical conductance, delamination, and moisture.

Installation Advantage
ASE designed the ASE-300-DGF to save time and expense.
Large area requires fewer interconnects and structural members.
Module-module and source circuit wiring are incorporated in module.
Wiring comes neatly clipped inside module frame - no need to secure wiring in the field.
Unique ASE Americas two-pin quick-connect reduces source circuit wiring time to minutes.

Quality Advantage
ASE Americas' quality program is focused on meeting or exceeding expected performance and reducing system losses: Each module is individually tested under ASE Americas calibrated solar simulator.
Module-module wiring losses are included in the rating.
Each of the 216 crystalline silicon cells is inspected and matched according to their power output.
For large projects, modules are matched by current to reduce system mismatch losses.

ASE-300-DGF/17, 285 Watt Solar Panel

ASE-300-DGF/17, 300 Watt Solar Panel

ASE-300-DGF/17, 315 Watt Solar Panel

ASE-300-DGF/50, 285 Watt Solar Panel

ASE-300-DGF/50, 300 Watt Solar Panel

ASE-300-DGF/50, 315 Watt Solar Panel